Pool Inspection Cost
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Pool Inspection Cost

The average pool inspection costs $187 in the U.S. Prices will range from a low of $125 to a high of $150, according to Wini.com.

A pool inspection provides many services for new or longtime homeowners. Atop the list is simply peace of mind. There’s no better feeling than knowing your backyard pool is safe and secure for your family to enjoy. This piece will provide details on what exactly is included in the inspection, as well as the typical pool inspection cost.

Pool Inspection

Pool inspections are all about safety and taking proper precautions to ensure a secure environment. Inspectors will first check to make sure all electrical wiring is done at safe distance from the water. Next, they’ll make sure all walkways or entry points are clear and secure. Pool inspectors will look at any fencing areas that may surround the pool. Always make sure the fences are tall enough to deter any young children from climbing over them and causing any potential harm. Pool inspectors are not required to check your outer pool areas, so make sure they are willing to perform the inspection before scheduling an appointment.

Pools can be lined with either vinyl or plaster. In some cases a tear in the vinyl could result in a costly repair. It’s beneficial to find the potential issue before it turns into a hefty cost. While checking to make sure all lighting works properly, pool inspectors will also make sure no mold or mildew is growing in the area. Inspectors will ensure that the immediate surrounding surface, usually made of brick or stone, is safe from any possible falls or injuries.

Other items on the inspectors’ checklist include a thorough check of the pool pumps and filters. Nothing will shut a pool down faster than a dysfunctional pump. Not every pool has a heater, but if yours does that piece of the pool area will be checked as well. Saltwater is a popular alternative to chlorine-filled pools, but this water can cause corrosion. Inspectors can generally spend more time investigating a saltwater pool compared to a chlorine pool.

Backyard Pool

Inspection Costs

  • Minimum cost: $125
  • Average cost: $187
  • Maximum cost: $250

*Costs could go up if special equipment needs to be installed at the site.

Reasons To Get A Pool Inspection

It may be surprising to find out just how many regulations your backyard pool might come with. Truth is, pools come with a large amount of regulations, regardless of location. Most local codes will require some sort of fencing surrounding the pool area. Fence height and gate regulations will generally accompany the fencing requirement, as well.

It’s a well known fact that most pools do not age well at all. Pools and pumps will usually need general maintenance, repairs and updates throughout the years. Some pool liners can also wear out quickly. Inspections can help identify issues and save you from costly repairs down the road.

Most pools will be surrounded by some sort of deck in addition to the fencing. A pool inspection will usually include a check of the deck area. Inspectors will make sure there are no structural issues with the deck.

Home Inspections

Some home inspection companies can include a comprehensive pool inspection in their package. Others, like Blue Door Home Inspections, will perform a pool inspection for just a small additional charge. At Blue Door, the price for a full pool inspection is $50. Bundle that with the savings you have already accounted for with the home inspection and the extra pool check is a no-brainer.

Home inspection companies that also offer pool inspections do not take the latter lightly. A full check of all hazards and potential issues will be performed on-site. Blue Door has more than 25 years of experience is the housing industry. Customers requesting a pool inspection can rest assured that they will be receiving a top-notch inspection.

How Much Does The Average Home Inspection Cost


Blue Door Home Inspections

Newer to the home inspection scene, Blue Door Home Inspections is already making a name for itself. 25 years of experience in the construction and home improvement industry has provided the blueprint for this emerging company. Private owners should take note of the affordable rates offered by Blue Door. Townhome and condo inspections begin at just $240, while single family home inspections start as low as $300. Blue Door also offers pool and termite inspections for anyone requiring additional services.

Home Inspection Scottsdale, Arizona

Get a quality Scottsdale, Arizona home inspection today at an affordable cost, fast and easy! Contact Blue Door Home Inspections at 480-510-3540 and schedule your home inspection.

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