Home Inspection Tips For Sellers
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Home Inspection Tips For Sellers

You are getting ready to sell your home. Whether or not you have found a new home to move into, this is an exciting but exhausting process. You’ve packed your belongings, hired movers and cleaned the home thoroughly. So, what’s next in the process? These are complete home inspection tips for sellers.

Home Inspection Process

When a home inspection is done it is likely the house will need some slight repairs. No home is perfect, of course, so rather than paying attention to all the slight check marks on things that could use a freshening, focus more on the big projects. Broken or faltering plumbing or electrical systems can make or break a sale. These are repairs that must be done immediately, especially if time is of the essence when putting a home on the market.

The home inspection process could take up to 4 hours, so it is recommended that you attend the inspection and ask questions as the process moves along. Of course, don’t just keep a running list of items or systems that need updating, jot down all that is right with your home as well. Home inspectors are people too, and they are more likely to associate good overall care for the house when it is clean and tidy. Freshening up the entire house prior to this process only benefits all parties involved.

Home Inspection Checklist

Here is what the home inspectors will check upon arrival:

  • Structural components
  • Foundation
  • Basement
  • Floors
  • Roof
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Plumbing system
  • Electrical system
  • Central AC and heating systems

Home Inspection Scottsdale

Home Inspection Tips

As stated above, clean the house as much as you can prior to the inspectors’ arrival. In doing so make sure access points to all crawl space and the electrical panel is clear. Check to see if all windows open and close, as well as lock properly. Likewise, check all doors to see if they open and close with little resistance. Walls are easy to visually inspect for holes or any kind of small dents.

Take care of the small projects while you can. Simple checks of all your kitchen and bathroom areas could pay off in the long run. Look over all sinks and drains for any leaks or markings. Counters and floor tiles are easy to inspector before a professional takes a look. On the exterior of the home, check for gutter leaks or drainage issues. See if the hose faucets are good as new and a quick run-through of everything within the garage is a great place to start.

What Is Included In A Home Inspection? 

Home Inspectors do thorough examinations of your home; mainly visual examinations. Starting with the four major systems in every single house, which are foundation, roof, plumbing and electrical. Pair these with any sort of appliances that you may have around the home for the overall inspection.

Water leaks easily lead to growth of mold in the home and cause wood to rot. Some roof leaks can take years or decades to be seen by the homeowners. Inspectors can identify these and where things went wrong.

Inspector evaluations include the conditions of your roof and reviews for any leaks. Also bear this in mind that there are zero incentives for your home inspector to find any problems. Legally, this is against ASHI Code of Ethics to perform any sort of reparations on anything that has been inspected, hence why it is included in the report.

Reviewing your electrical systems is also a major part of home inspections. There can be all sorts of electrical problems that can be expensive to fix. Although in some instances if you do not handle the inexpensive fixtures almost immediately, this can lead to awfully expensive headaches, if not taken care of properly.

An example of this may be a malfunctioning ground circuit. Solving an issue like this adds up to about $10, but some people may put it off and/or do not even report it. Electrical shocks can happen if your ground circuit is not in its correct positioning. Every home inspector will always review these to see if they operate optimally.

Home inspections should typically cover these areas:

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

Here are the average costs for a home inspection in Scottsdale, Arizona: 

Cost Of Home Inspection Scottsdale

Home Inspection Scottsdale, Arizona

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