Cost Of Home Inspection Scottsdale
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Cost Of Home Inspection Scottsdale

The average cost of a home inspection in Scottsdale, Arizona is $425. Prices will range from $275-$575+ depending on square footage, according to Homeadvisor.

The housing market (and summer weather) is currently on fire in Scottsdale, Arizona. The prime location and unlimited activities in the surrounding areas make this one of the best places to own a home in the entire country. But, before you purchase your new home, make sure to arrange a home inspection with a licensed professional. This is a check of some home inspection prices in Scottsdale.

Home Inspection Costs In Scottsdale

Below is a list of average home inspection costs in Scottsdale, Arizona. All pricing is done by square footage of the home.

  • 0-1200 square feet: $275
  • 1201-1500: $300
  • 1501-1800: $325
  • 1801-2100: $350
  • 2101-2400: $375
  • 2401-2700: $400
  • 2701-3000: $425
  • 3001-3300: $450
  • 3301-3600: $475
  • 3601-3900: $525
  • Larger homes: $575 and up

Check out the national average cost of home inspections by clicking here.

What Is A Home Inspection?

Home Inspectors do thorough examinations of your home; mainly visual examinations. Starting with the four major systems in every single house, which are foundation, roof, plumbing and electrical. Pair these with any sort of appliances that you may have around the home for the overall inspection.

Water leaks easily lead to growth of mold in the home and cause wood to rot. Some roof leaks can take years or decades to be seen by the homeowners. Inspectors can identify these and where things went wrong.

Inspector evaluations include the conditions of your roof and reviews for any leaks. Also bear this in mind that there are zero incentives for your home inspector to find any problems. Legally, this is against ASHI Code of Ethics to perform any sort of reparations on anything that has been inspected, hence why it is included in the report.

Reviewing your electrical systems is also a major part of home inspections. There can be all sorts of electrical problems that can be expensive to fix. Although in some instances if you do not handle the inexpensive fixtures almost immediately, this can lead to awfully expensive headaches, if not taken care of properly.

An example of this may be a malfunctioning ground circuit. Solving an issue like this adds up to about $10, but some people may put it off and/or do not even report it. Electrical shocks can happen if your ground circuit is not in its correct positioning. Every home inspector will always review these to see if they operate optimally.

Buying A Home

What Does A Home Inspection Include?

Home inspections should typically cover these areas:

Home Inspections For Sellers

What are homeowners supposed to expect when scheduling a home inspection? It’s a great question that requires planning, but in the end most home inspections will result in the same process. All home inspectors will go over a home’s HVAC system, electrical systems, plumbing, roofing, attic, floors, walls, etc. Most inspections will take at least two hours to complete, if not longer. No homeowners will fail a housing inspection. Instead, the inspector will check off all that needs repair or updating inside and outside your home.

There are some minor things a homeowner can take care of prior to inspection. For starters, clean the house as much as you can before the inspector arrives. The inspector will be more likely to trust in your ability to keep the home in its best condition based on first impressions. Test your doors and windows before the inspection. Do they open and close without resistance? Do the doors and windows all lock properly. These are just a few tasks homeowners can complete ahead of time.


Selling A Home

Blue Door Home Inspections

Featuring more than 25 years of licensed contracting in construction and home improvement experience, Blue Door Home Inspections is striving to bring the valley the best in home inspections. Prices, listed below, are as good as it gets for the Scottsdale area. The costs do not jump off the pages compared to average prices in the industry when the home is large.

Blue Door also offers additional services, such as pool and termite inspection. Starting at just $50, pool inspections are a necessity for the majority of valley residents. Older homes aged at least 51 years or older will see an additional charge, starting at $40. Some home inspections companies will come closer to $100 in additional charges for older homes.

Blue Door Prices

  • 0-1500 square feet: $300
  • 1501-1750: $310
  • 1751-2000: $320
  • 2001-2250: $330
  • 2251-2500: $350
  • 2501-2750: $370
  • 2751-3000: $390
  • 3001-3300: $410
  • 3301-3600: $430
  • 3601-4000: $470
  • Larger homes: add $.10 per square foot.

Home Inspection Scottsdale, Arizona

Get a quality Scottsdale, Arizona home inspection today at an affordable cost, fast and easy! Contact Blue Door Home Inspections at 480-510-3540 and schedule your home inspection.

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